Wednesday, April 26, 2006


By:-  NITIN TEWARI{a fren of mine}

¡®Falling¡¯, a word which often brings a wave of negative conclusions on hearing it. A deductive study, which reigns over the brains of almost all the homo-sapiens, would relate it to an array of conclusions like breaking, accident, dangerous sports, vertigo etc.
¡®Love¡¯, a human emotion which has for centuries mesmerized the already complex comprehension power of human beings. A simple four letter word, which is so entangled that when analyzed is found to force great writers to give special functions to a vital organ- heart. Though a serious physician would totally deny the involvement of heart in any major activity besides pumping blood but you still say to others that, ¡±see through your heart¡± or ¡°let your heart guide you¡±. While former is strictly a function of an eye, latter one owes it¡¯s debt to brain. Love is not just a simple emotion instead a state where even the smile of someone can bring butterflies in your stomach. It was love that forced the great Columbus to continue on his journey even when he was in dire straits - the love for adventure. A feeling which, is related with purity, elixir and positiveness unlike falling which is negative in nature.
So, the question arises that why do we fall in love? For centuries the answer to this question has remained incommunicado to it¡¯s seekers and will continue to do so probably even when the intelligence of humans will reach it¡¯s zenith. But an optimist never loses his hope perhaps he is also been hit by a cupid¡¯s arrow to find the ¡®Holy Grail¡¯- love.
Strange thing about love is that it is not just a mutual give-n-take emotion between humans. The omnipresence of love was so easily felt by people that one should not wonder that how it got its association with God. The spectrum of the different objects of love in the eyes of human beings is of infinite magnitude and therefore the association with God became necessary.
An environmentalist may only love green hills while you find your love interest in your girlfriend alone and to make things more confusing your idiot friend thinks that his new car is his new love! The after affects of love could range from loving a thing, as small as a superficial anger on you beloved¡¯s face when every time the wind blows a lock of her hair in front of her eyes, to the fanatic expedition experts who love to scale down the big Mt. Everest., on every opportunity they get.
Life, a roller-coaster ride for men to experience different kind of feelings and emotions in every millionth part of the second they continue to live. You might be feeling sad because you didn¡¯t score well in exams but may be your cousin brother is partying on the beaches of Havana and feeling merry at the same moment. Every man living in his own pattern of feelings and no two patterns are same, however, all comprise of same constituents viz. happiness, sadness, melancholy, love etc. It¡¯s like the digits of the number ¡®PI¡¯( ¡Ç ) and every human living somewhere within it and no two patterns are same though the numbers used are from 0-9 only.
So how does love, a just another feeling, becomes a performance enhancement drug? If every human lives through a same set of innumerable emotions although they may pass it in a unique manner then why do people are still happy and contended when they have a serious argument with their love? Or why did Manoj Pandey, a Kargil war hero, didn¡¯t turn his back when he found out that his force was outnumbered by the enemy? Although a lover going through a rough patch would out rightly reject the idea of his mind feeling satisfaction or high but then it would make the popularity of romantic sad songs a hoax and the heroic efforts of Manoj Pandey, a myth.
The stark difference between a pain caused by burn and the pain caused in love is as conspicuous as the blue sky and obviously the latter is much better to happen as it has an ineffable sweetness of being sad, a loner and so many shades of the melancholic life to which you will detest if you are not in love.
We observe here that love-an emotion or a feeling when amalgamated with a passing emotion paves a smoother path to survive through the latter. Manoj Pandey, like any other mortal being must have felt chills through his spine on getting into the enemy bunkers but we forget that there was another feeling that was assisting him and that was love for his nation.
If you do not love computer programming and doing it, then inevitably you will end up being a bored and sad person. A friend who is girl is a good option but a girl friend is anytime better and same goes with choosing a job of your choice or love instead of a job that could fetch you fortunes. Once love is infused in your life, living all other emotions or simply life, becomes a treat. All you will be able to recall is her face, smiles, phone calls and kisses in the former case while a satisfactory innovative job life in the latter.
Tendulkar hitting 67 centuries and Einstien discovering that E=mc2 were no flukes. They all had an instilled passion and love for their respective fields so even when their life was low they smoothly passed it because of this ¡®performance enhancement drug¡¯- love.
The truth is that miracles do happen very often. All you need is an eye to see them. A man getting invisible on his discretion is not a miracle. It is simply a magic. A single mother of two, coming late to home from work and still finding time to play with her kids is a miracle and none other than ¡®love¡¯ has the capability in this cold universe to make it into a reality.
Fall in love, not just with the opposite sex but anything that you presume to be your life because no matter how deep you will fall but you will walk through all the other emotions or situations in your life like walking on a strawberry cake. So next time when you propose to her and say that,¡± you are my power, my pleasure, my pain¡±, pray to God that she agrees because life devoid of love is like falling into a hell.

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