Sunday, September 18, 2011

Status Posts Unplugged

It’s been so long i wrote anything, not that i don't think or i don't feel the need in fact i myself broke my self-created 1st rule of blogging - "Never Let a thought go waste" but a beautiful status post rightly defines the reason for not writing as well as the reason for this entire post which is about the two status posts i posted today -

Zindagi sabhi k liye wahi rangeen kitab hai... Farq sirf itna hai k kisi ne har panne ko dil se padha.. aur kisi ne bas panne palat liye.. {Via - Swati Sethi's wall post, real source - Unknown}


I have been thinking about this line a lot since I read it first.. Looks really simple sounds great but there's so much more to it… Especially when you actually feel it understand its real meaning and at times you even know what all you can do but the worst is when you don't even have that courage to make amends and knowingly you keep screwing up your life!!!

It’s only when you are completely fresh & relaxed that you actually realize the depth of such simple lines or should I say its only then “Hum har panne ko dil se padh pate hain” otherwise “Hum bhi sirf panne hi palat rahe hain haroz”


"Ishq di mere mitra pehchaan ki. Mit jaave jadon zid apnan di" {Via – Namaste London}


Unlike the real meaning of these lines as described in the movie as “ Pyar ka matlab sirf hasil karna hi nahin hai” I also have a different version of the meaning.. It’s not the deep out of the world meaning infact it is just the straightaway word by word meaning in Hindi but it does have a depth to it…

I feel it also means “Ishq ki doston pehchaan ki kya jab kisi ko paane ki zid hi khatam ho jaye” what I mean is after we get someone we always wanted if we start taking that person for granted and don’t try to want that person a little more every day, we stop considering every day as something new and a little more beautiful than the previous one and do not make that person feel more loved with each new day then I guess love has lost its meaning…

There are a lot of threads on internet that describe the meaning of these words but there’s actually no real meaning of any word it’s the perception of the person reading it and his/her state of mind at that particular moment.

This actually reminds me of a few lines I composed long time back while listening to a song and hearing different perception of my friends about the lyrics…


“Log kehte hain Shabdon mein bahut taqat hai… yeh Lafz chahen to Dil badal

sakte hain insaan badal sakte hain aur to aur yeh poora mulkh badal sakte


Yeh lafz to aapke bhi hain aur hamare bhi par fir kyun, na hum dil

badal paye aur na hi insaan..

Jab badal gaye lafz aur na badle mulkh tab

jana asli taqat na to un lafzon mein hai aur na hi unhe kehne walon mein..

Agar taqat hai to sirf un lafzaon ko samjhne walon mein.. Agar taqat hai to

sirf un lafzon ko samjhne walon mein!!!”


Oh yes FYI I am not drunk today, it’s just that I have created the right environment around, Coke studio kind of music, Newspaper covering the Tube Lights, just the right room temperature, Work from home day so completely relaxed {No traffic jams & potholes} takes me back to the good old tension free college life and my hills facing Hostel room! Deep thoughts amidst the deep hills are inevitable…



  1. love it!! u've matured in your blogging!! :)) want a more descriptive blog now :)