Monday, January 23, 2006


  Do you remember how we first met?
It's one of the sweetest memories I possess
I look back and see us both -- two strangers
Meeting for the first time, and I wonder
Who would have guessed then how our friendship would grow,
And become as binding as only we both know.
Whether tempest blows, or gale, or storm,
To know I have you to lean my head on
Whether strife you encounter, or battle, or war
I'm here for you, I'll be there when you call.
Maybe, when years and more have gone
And I, with wrinkled cheeks, am forlorn
Perhaps with hopes all dashed to the ground
Perhaps dreams, all shattered, shall surround
The thought of you will still make me smile
And I'll stop all who pass and say: "Wait a while"
For though my eyes are weak and old
And my mind is feeble, or so I'm told
There remains one thing I can never forget
For I still remember how we first met. 


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