Monday, May 6, 2013

Art - A camouflage of emotions!

I don't know what i am about to write in this post, i do have an idea, something that a movie and a conversation made me think about writing this.

A few days back when i first saw the trailer of this movie called "Bombay Talkies" , i was dead sure i'll watch it, even though the collection of 4 stories as shown in the trailer were not something extraordinary but just the feel that our Bollywood is celebrating its 100 years and a movie where in almost all singers and all actors have played some role or other made me to watch it.

So after finally getting tickets to the 9PM show and seats that i am not really fan of i saw it. The movie may not be extraordinary as expected, but it sure made me feel comfortable watching it and did infact brought a smile on my face. There is this song at the end which starts with still from 60's movies and goes till present day movies is really something. {So hold on to your seats even after you see THE END on the screen}

Lately i have stopped putting any movie reviews on Facebook mainly because i like almost every film, and don't use the logic-illogical conditions after watching it, secondly i feel it totally depends on how one wants to interpret a movie, the state of their mind when they are watching it and no generic rating of a movie will suit everyone and thirdly the ghosts of my blunder with the great words i used for this really old stupid movie take a dig at me.

Post the movie, a discussion with a friend who saw the movie but didn't like it that much and was expecting something different from it led to following overflow of feelings as to what is my interpretation of the 4 short stories shown in the movie:

The 1st and the 3rd story depicted the acceptability part of Bollywood and there openness to the present world. Usually the type of movies that a few years back people used to say are 'Ahead of their times" but not anymore its the reality of present day  and people are coming out and are accepting Homo sexuality and talks about sex but carefully showing the reluctance of older generation to these things.

2nd one was more about how Rich and Poor celebrate Bollywood, stories, life and small little things.

while the last one depicted this country's love and passion for movies and film stars. Also how every household has Bollywood in its core.

well like i said, I puked out the emotions :P

But the crux is I feel things and keep my brains out but people in the hope of getting value for their money keep asking for more as if the starts will tear the screen and come out to entertain people.
Movies are of different kinds, not all can be funny, romantic some can be thought provoking or even end on a note where they keep you thinking and leave the end to interpretation.

Then again its not necessary to hate it, you either like it or not, you either understand it or not there's nothing wrong with saying that you didn't get the concept of the movie rather then being a pseudo intellectual and telling people you loved it and that it was a remarkable film even though you didn't get whatever the shit it was (Something that happened too much after Aamir khan's Dhobhi ghat, many didn't understand the movie but how can they say they hate or didn't understand afterall it was an Aamir Khan movie :P )

Time and again i have accepted i don't understand much of English music especially the one where lyrics is not clear and looking for lyrics and trying to listen it again and again to get it is too much pain and i loose the interest if i have to go through that much pain.

Lyrics should be crystal clear and heart touching for me to to like it and that too in 1-2 go, I have not been a big fan of keeping track of artists or albums i have often loved the music even if the lyrics are in some other language i don't understand.

Movies and TV shows have always been an important part of my life and many a time life changing, the irony is even i always took this stuff for granted and movies were often a means of pass time. while in reality they have been one of the most important lessons of my life.

So i still don't know whats all the shit i wrote above was about but i started writing and it just kept flowing...

Happy Birthday Bollywood, keep rocking!

I completely forgot the Art part of the title, a few days back roaming around the streets of Hauz khas Village, with a friend we decided to see this art exhibition, although i was least interested but i still saw some of the work without interpreting any of it. Until the artist herself started the conversation as a discussion to my question as to what was going on in her mind when she made all this stuff, what followed was this extreme enlightening, intellectual conversation with this wonderful person from Dehradun and that was her first exhibition and we were the only lucky ones she had this discussion with and we started discussing the differences in interpretation of her art work.

So i might have just took a shot at one of her paintings in general without any real interest, never knew that actually made sense...


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