Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Matters of Heart...


The matters of Heart...
Laws of physics fail to exist..
North &  south pole comes together..
Gravity becomes just a theory..
The matters of Heart...
Complicating the uncomplicated..
Lucky &  unlucky all in same moment
Deep dark woods or the beach sand just closed eyes away..
The matters of Heart...
Smile on lips while the heart bleeds..
Hurting yourself & the joyful pain..
The two tears that comes out of eyes without any reason..
The matters of Heart...
Smile on lips, Music in ears..
The fight with time, the neglected mind..
The beauty around,  the peace within..
The matters of Heart...
The Heaven & Hell..
The pain &  relief..
The tears & smile..
The matters of Heart...


  1. its nice but uve written better dan dis :))

  2. Thanks Moush, I know i have written better but i also know i have not written for a long long time.
    This post is actually here and not that great because when you actually have to post just one line and you can't post it directly sometimes you have to compose an entire post just to write that one line!!