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Just a #weekend!!!

Together 4 Ever!!!

Wondering why i wrote #weekend!!! Well this post is about this weekend, A truly amazing weekend and usually i don't need a blog post to describe a weekend because my regular twitter updates would have done the same thing. But the weekend was so amazing that i didn't even got the chance to post updates to my twitter!!!

When on Friday night i tweeted about the weekend using tags #weekend and asked everyone what are there plans to make this weekend amazing, I never imagined that even I'll have such a great weekend!!

Well before i begin to describe it, there are three people who made it possible and they are Rishabh {Richi}, Vinodini {Vinni} and Vipul {Gifty} , Wondering why i didn't wrote the names of my best friends Moushmi and sahil well you'll know..

There a saying that "you get to know the true worth of someone when that someone is not with you". To an extent that is the case here...

Me, Sahil and Moush were together last weekend also and it was also good but there was a certain something missing.. Yes our fourth musketeer Vinni!!

But we all knew this weekend is going to be special as Vinni was here in Delhi!! There was another reason too, my wait for an external hard disc was also going to get over because my dear friend Richi agreed to accompany me to Nehru place on Saturday!!

Finally the day i was waiting for came Saturday -

The day started on a lil bad note as vinni was not feeling well and without her there wouldn't have been anything that i would have got to write here but hey i am writing that means things went great!!!

But as she and sahil had to appear for a stupid test, they arrived at my place for lunch and with both of them around, my lil silent and dull home turned into a place full of laughter and music!! Everytime vinni said i don't feel like going for the test, i felt that its where my weekend ends because she's not well but when they both left for the test and she felt a lil better, i knew we gonna have a rocking time!!!

After the left, It was time to visit Nehru place but only if Richi would pick my calls, Damm whats he doing, why is he not picking up my calls that's what i was saying at that time but when i saw his Pic on my cell, It was time to rock!!

I left for Nehru place not on my car but by bus, wondering why!!

Well there are three reasons why i don't use my car in Delhi and keep it just for going to HCL Noida for my Unpaid Japanese language training classes :-

  • I still don't know the routes and am still very confused with All the rings and multi level roads of Delhi and i really dont like when i  have to drive for another 5Kms just because i missed a turn!!

  • Delhi mein kisika Dharam Imaan hi nhin hai on road!! Man!! why is it that people keep moving even when the Traffic light turns to red and when there's a green light nobody can  move because the other side wont stop moving !!

  • I am really pissed off because either you find N no of speed breakers on roads here or when you have a good road the traffic won't let you move!! and what to say bout the Parking problems!!

    Anyways back to the Main topic, I waited for almost half an hour for the AC 543 bus but had to settle for the Non AC Green colored new bus, it was a comfortable journey and when i entered the Great Nehru Place market with Richi {who BTW came in his Brand New White beauty i10}.. Man!! its an amazing place or i should say paradise for Tech Savvy People like me!!

    The Most amazing thing was people shouting "Ayeee softwarree Gamess lelo!!" , As if they were selling vegetables, also it was amazing to see small vendors sitting on floar outside with old motherboards chargers and keyboards and other stuff  I can never forget that i swear...

    After asking for rates at a few places i settled for the Foll.

    • 320GB Western Digital My passport Ext Hard disc  ---- Rs. 3400/

    • Samsung DL DVD Writer {Boxed}  ---  Rs. 1100/

    • Kingston 2GB Micro SD card for my cell --- Rs. 300/

    • Total -- 4800 {Everything under $100 - My first AdSense earnings}

    McDonald's McChicken meal for both of us before bidding Good Bye to this Great Place!!!

    I don't think that the return Journey is worth mentioning, well again i waited for the AC 543 but my Bad luck again not just i didn't got the AC one i didn't even got the Green New bus or any other DTC bus even after waiting for 30 Mins in extreme Heat and finally had to settle for over crowded Blue Line Bus!! but just the thought of  Going Home and opening all these things gave me the energy to survive the Torture of that Bus!!

    As soon as i reached home All three of my best Buddies sahil, Moush and Vinni were waiting for outside.. and after i entered It was sahil who took the Poly bag from me and opened up everything!! :(

    But as everyone was getting so late i had to stop Installing the DVD Writer and had to leave to Drop Vinni , Followed by Dinner @ Bite In ~ shipra Mall.. It was fun to Grab a table and Arrange for 3 chairs while everyone who came before us were still waiting to get a place!! The dinner with Sahil and Moush was simply amazing!!

    It was time now to drop Moush, Leaving the two of us alone with our Plan to Drink together after a long time!! Damm these liquor vends in Delhi Close at 10PM and it was now 10:45 we checked every damm place we could get a bottle but all of them had just 3 cheap brand that at least I would never like to sip!!

    Anyways Back home, badly tired both of  us  just went to sleep!!

    Yessssss Its Sunday!!!

    The four of us again got together and headed straight to GIP!! Yess it was Bowling time - something that the four us were doing for the first time!!

    Man!! Its the most amazing thing i did this weekend , Its really a great Fun!! 1st Game the four of us 20 shots each!! Result Tie between me and sahil - 76 points

    2nd game - Tie Breaker - I won yeehhhhh for the first time i actually won in a game and that too against the mighty Sahil!!!

    Seriously amazing Fun!! And OMG!! where did all the time go!! It was coming close to the Moush had to get back!! So Last stop Nirula's!! Its always fun when the four of us get together to have something to eat as its one of the many common things we Love Having some amazing Food!!

    Well we said Bye to Moush after that, we headed back to my place, and oh yeahh me n vinni both bought a new novel on way back!! Back home, waiting for Our Coll. friend gifty to arrive, it was catching up time and Time actually flies when we are together, and nothing can compare the fun, the talks and laughter that we have when we are together!!

    After Gifty came, there was hardly a lil time we had, and it was now time to drop Vinni and to help gifty shift his stuff from his PG to Gurgaon Via my place where my great lazy bro sahil was resting and watching Sri V/S Pak!!!

    Gifty came just for a lil while but its always awesome to be with old friends especially those with whom you have spent four beautiful years of your Coll. life and its always fun to make Maggi just like coll. days to share it with friends!!

    And finally after they both left for gurgaon living me all alone with all the beautiful memories i thought about writing this post!!

    And like i always say don't let your thoughts go waste so here it is my post about the Awesome #weekend!!

    I don't know how many of you will consider this Awesome but trust me guys these two days mean a lot to me especially after yet another week of boring Japanese Classes!!!

    There are a lot of feelings and emotions attached with everything i wrote above and some of which can never be expressed in words, The bond of friendship that we share is the most special thing that ever happened to me!! The time we spend together is the best time of my life!! The things we do, even the smallest and the most simplest of things done with your friends are always so special and memorable!!!

    P.S :-

    • My apologies to all Delhi'tes for writing stuff about the roads and traffic and driving sense, But what can i do i come from the city beautiful Chandigarh, where things are planned roads are well maintained and traffic is well regulated and people are patient enough to wait for a few mins at traffic lights!!!

    • The two things that we wanted to do but couldn't do are :-

    • Sahil and my plan to Drink  Teacher's Together {Sahil Maybe Next weekend}

    • Kala Khata Chuski that all of wanted to have but couldn't find it anywhere {Well Vinni I'll definitely search for it in Yellow pages so that next time you come we can definitely have it}

    Well when it comes to writing about the moments that I share with my Friends, I can just go on and on but I'll have to stop here as its 1Am and i have a class tomorrow morning!!

    Do give your comments!!


    1. like always fantastic post...poori dil ki baat hi likh di...but tere pehle k posts better the.....iss mei thodi feelings kam hai...but nevertheless, i love it...

    2. Well put up hero.....!!!!See It was your book I was reading...that I suddenly realised...what I promised!
      I'm so sure inspite of all odds... the 2 days went rocking! Can't believe how time flew away... but I can still trace every minute spent.
      It only left me waiting for the next time we all meet and party. Can't imagine we had all the fun when I was half dead....and the next day U guys gave me reasons to jump...!!
      As for the HDD....agli baar small ville pakka...ya jab ur in CHD.
      And for the chuski....plzz pack kara kele aana...
      I miss ur place, I miss those cheers, I miss those giggles...I miss the talks....Hoping to catch up wid U Moush and Sahil...jaldi jaldi se....and abhi Cool Blue bhi to due hai....

    3. @Vinodini, ya time actually flies when we all are together.. n i really miss every single moment!! fikar mat kar next time aaiyo chuski wala bhi dhoond liya hai ghar ke paas hi and cool blue to pakka se banaunga.. hehe.. Miss u lots :)

    4. @Moushumi, hmm feelings km to hongi feel karne ka time hi khan tha! we were having so much fun!! and madam is bar to lagta ahi aapne hi thoda jaldio jaldi mein padha hai feel kaise aayegi!!!

    5. aisaaa hai na doob maro dilli mein badey saarey naaley hain...ya phir kud pado traffic mein.....laash ka panchnama bhi nahi ho sakega, main paaglon ki tarah kehta rehata hoon ki hamarey saath weekend spend kar lo kar lo magar aap to bas aalas ki murat besharmi ke devta....ab bhi thodi na seekhoge, agli baar bhi nahi bulaoge

    6. @Varun Chowdhary, lo kar lo baat... ulta chor kotwal ko daante.. bhai tu yahan hai 1 fone bhi kiya mujhe.. ab tu to karega sirf moushmi maam se baat to unhi ko suna yeh... mein to vella hun.. after 1 pm every day am totally free..

    7. @P@$$iØÑ/@i(3H@/, aisaa hai na main aapke bhai se baat kar li thi ki hum agla weekend saath mein bitayenge....and fyi i have not talked to anyone except sahil sir theek hai...pehle apne facts order mein lao......and aapko to pata honaa chahiye ki mera clg khatam ho gya hai to aap bhi ek phone to kar hi sakte ho....waise neha ka jbs mein ho gya????

    8. uufoo...launde ne hindi picture ke tarah heroine ke baalon ki clip ke color se lekar nailpolish ke quote tak mention kar diye!! hehe... thngz for sure lyk maush ma'am sadi 'less on feelings' but i dont u have a knack to njoi such small moments of life which practically ppl miss eveeryday. so ofcrs it has feelings...dat same feeling which make su so weird! hehe
      nice work man! keep it up. aur haan teacher's ka khamba toh tab hi hoga jab mil baithenge teen yaar...u n sahil bhai! ;)

    9. @Varun Chowdhary, abee oye sahil se baat ki ho ya moush se all i knw is mujhse nhin ki.. n yahan post pe comment dete hain chat nhin.. samjha.. to ab jaldi se weekend aaye n so dt we can hv sm fun!!

    10. @Frost, exactly thts what i felt when i wrote this.. its dese small everyday moments dt one shud enjoy or elso life will run away from us!! n bhai ab aaja jaldi se.. teachers intezaar kar rahi hai!!

    11. :D So I have to say out of all of this, I found myself laughing out loud when I read about the Delhi roads heheh :D Fortunately I've never driven in India, but I can tell you this much, sitting in the backseat and watching the desi crowd go by is pretty cool :) If you get a chance to, try it out ;)

    12. looks like you had good time your friends. precious moments.

      also bought some good hardware from your fist adsense check! congrats!

      and the stuff you said about delhi, well, i agree. traffic lights are there for a reason i mean! But better get used to it. :)


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