Tuesday, June 2, 2009

CCD @ Home - Cool Blue Granita...

Cool Blue Granita
Cool Blue Granita

The Last time i was at Cafe Coffee Day in DLF Place Mall in Saket, Delhi with my friends and when i tasted the Cool Blue Granita that i ordered, I immediately realized that i can make this at my home, especially because of all the bar syrups i have at home...

I tried many times but never actually anything close to it, Today was indeed a special day because out of all the TV channels i selected NDTV GOOD TIMES to pass time along with Internet...

A show called "In High Spirits" was what i needed to get the exact idea of how to make it.

Every time i have tried till now, i used to crush ice and Add Blue Curacao Bar Syrup to it but i never got the desired result..

A small tip from that show changed everything, so here i am sharing with you what i did this time to get the result you can see in the picture on top.

1> Take a pitcher and Add crushed ice in it.. {i used a manual ice crusher and used around 16 ice cubes}

2> Add a lot of  Blue Curacao Bar Syrup {cant tell the exact quantity because i added it without measurement but see next step to get an idea}

3> Use a hand blender to blend it into slush so add the syrup just to make it into slush not too much that it becomes very thin or not less that it becomes very thick. {This is what i learned from that show}

4>Squeeze in Half a lemon into it.

5> Pour it into a Glass and a lil bit of Mint Bar Syrup just for that tangy flavour and Garnish the Glass with a slice of Lemon!!

Put in a straw and Enjoy Cool Blue Lemon Granita... and Beat the heat!!!

P.S> I dont know if this is the right way to make it but it was still really amazing and just the same as the CCD one!!

Pour in your comments and do tell me if you think i did something wrong or if you have some other idea in your mind...


  1. mast hai beta....
    but yaar ice crusher kahan se liya...i couldnt find it newhere...get 1 4 me too :)

  2. @Rishabh, yaar yahan bhi kisi ne gift kiya tha simple sa hai, try karna kisi utenils wali shop par mil jayega..

  3. Dude....I feel too tempted to try...!
    And add a lil bit of Gin to it....Bombay Sapphire...!!!
    Aur kya chaida hai.....:PPPPP
    Ur receipe seems quite apt....!
    guud going

  4. @Vinodini, hehe chul kisi din saath baithenge to wo bhi try kar lenge.. waise bhi wo book jo kharidi thi usme apni recipies bhi to add karni hai... LOL