Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Titans and other commonly used euphemisms that drive me nuts.

This Post was written by - Varun Chowdhary


Dear unfortunate reader, i am not in a good mood, no i'm in a possibly vile mood, no strike that too, i'm in a mood that will drive me to murder in a painful and excruciating way that society in general will shudder to think that a man can be so violent, yes that is the type of mood i'm in (perfect), i'm usually pissed at the use of cliche's while reading anything unless and until the particular piece is using cliche's to slam those dirty little buggers(cliche's). Yet i find that these sort of expressions are very commonly used and then overused to an extent where i find that i simply can't stomach them and i stop reading the aforementioned piece. But this overkill simply does not seem to penetrate the thick concretish skulls of our esteemed press, print or electronic media. They just keep on slinging that shit in our direction and because of lack of choice we simply wipe our faces and struggle forward in the storm of flying shit to the crux of the matter which is no more than a nugget of information that has been covered with so much rhetoric that it seems like a mountain while actually it is the size of an ant adding it's excreta to the mountain. My ire is directed less towards the serious journalists because obviously serious subjects don't really require a shit coating as they are already so very deep in their own shit. Shit man i've used shit too many times, shit! But my righteous and holy anger is directed at the not so serious reporting of the sports page and the entertainment section these guys for lack of content build up this hype around every single miniscule issue by saying things like, "we are ready for them, galdiators locked in combat, mammoth ask, sleeping giants, blazed a trail of fury, blew them away" and my favorite of all time a "A Titanic struggle, a Titanic clash." Now if these so called mythical creatures read these sort of things comparing them to mortals who by the mere whiff of their presence would crumble to ashes, i'm telling you there will be literaly hell to pay(another cliche i hate, include all other cliches about hell, devils and angels).

What really irks me is the beaten up cliche about the Titans, most of these so called journalists don't even know what kind of fear and awe these titan's used to inspire, Kronos the lord of time father of the olympian gods,Typhon the bane of the gods, Hyperion ruler of the east, Atlas the most fearsome warrior the universe had ever known, Prometheus, Krios and others elder and minor whose fear, power, and menace is beyond the comprehension of any mortal, yet these learned mebers of society continue to equate such trivialities as movie releases, cricket matches and elections. While the true Titanic struggle is to create love, save the planet and make the masses laugh. My friends these are tasks which are truly titanic in nature not the release of an Aamir Khan movie and a Shah Rukh Khan movie.

If i have used any cliche please inform me via your comments so that i may kill myself in a cruel and unpleasant manner, thank you for your patience in this very long and drawn out rant.


  1. Shit!!! Man its a Titanic post!! LOL no seriously very well written and honest post about something we all see hear almost everyday and have got used to such kind of journalism but i must say its one awesome post... Keep up the good work.. :)

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  3. Varunda ,,,, a heck of a post !!!
    totally not BK-dashic yet shows the level of BK-Dash u r ..
    Keep BK-dashing .. we r proud of u BK Founder .. u really live upto ur name !!!!!!!!

  4. ';~ that seems to be a great topic, i really love it `**

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  6. i know m a lil late to read this but betta late than never... nice one zain!