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riksha wala

a Sigh of Rikshaw Wala .  .. .. .


Ae Musafir Kyoon Ghabrata Hai Mere Rikhshaw Mein Beth Jane Se
Khuda Bhi Naraz Hota Hai Kisi Ka Dil Dukhane Se

Zalim Palat Kar Dekh Tamana Hum Bhi Rakhte Hein
Tum Agar Car Rakhti Ho To Rikhshaw Hum Bhi Rakhte Hein

Jo Maa Ko Satata Hai
Wo Rikhshaw Hi Chalata Hai

Driver Ki Zindagi Ajab Khel Hai
Maut Se Bache To Central Jail Hai

Allah Allah Tera Zor Hai Mere Deewane Mein
Kal Hi Zamanat Karwaii Thi Aj Phir Se Thane Mein
Port Per Rehte Hein Sohrab Ghot Mein Sote Hein
Jab Tere Yaad Aati Hai Ji Bhar Ke Rote Hein

Kal Chodween Ki Raat Thi Balti Mein Tera Aks Dekha
Aur Phir Balti Hila Hila Kar Rat Bhar Tera Raks Dekha

Chalti Hai Ghari Urhti Hai Dhool
Jalte Hein Dushman Khelte Hein Phool

Ae Rocket Tujhe Qasam Hai Himat Na Harrna
Jaisa Bhi Khada Aee Has Kar Guzarna

Na Kar Jhagra Musafir Se , Musafir Door Se Aaya Hai
Safar Qismat Mein Likha Hai , Hokum Door Se Aaya Hai

Pata Kya Khaad Bitaein Nishaan Hai Be Nishaan Hamara
Laga Bethe Jahaan Basta Wahe Samjho Makaan Apna



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