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wo kaagaz ki kashti, wo baarish ka paani.....
Yeh degree bhi lelo, ye naukari bhi lelo,
Bhale Chheen lo mujhse USA ka Visa,
Magar mujhko lauta do college ka canteen,
Wo chaay ka glass, wo teekha samosaa.

Wo college ki sabse purani nishaanee,
Wo chaaywala, jise saare kehte the... munna;
Wo jaani ke hathon ki 'cutting' chaay meethee,
Wo chupkese journal mein bheji hui chitthi,
Wo padhte hi chiththi oos ka bhadakna,
Wo chehre ki laali, wo aankhon ka gussaa...

Kadi dhoop mein apne ghar se nikalnaa,
Wo project ki khatir shahar bhar bhataknaa;
Wo lecture mei doston ki proxy lagaanaa,
Wo sir ko chidhanaa , wo aeroplane udaanaa;
Wo submission ki raton ko jagnaa jagaanaa,
Wo orals ki kahani, wo practicals ka kissaa....

Bimaari ka detention ke time bahanaa,
Wo doosron ke assignments ko apnaa banaanaa;
Wo seminar ke din pairon ka chhatpatanaa,
Wo workshop mein din raat pasinaa bahanaa;
Wo exam ke din ka bechain maahaul,
Wo parents ka vishwas - Teachar ka Bharosaa...

College ki na khatam hone wali ratein
Wo doston se canteen mein pyari si batein
Wo gathering ke din ka ladana zagadana
Ladkiyon ka wo yoon hi hamesha akadana

Bhulaye nahi bhool sakata hai koi
Wo kisse, wo batein, wo shararatein. wo jawani
Wo kaagaz ki kashti, wo baarish ka paani.....



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