Monday, July 14, 2008

Y360 to wordpress--Mission accomplished

y360 to wordpress-A torture Finally i managed to transfer my blog from Y360 to word press... As you all know i transferred all my blogger blogs to my self-hosted word press blog and this was the last blog left but unfortunately it was on yahoo 360 and since their's no export-import mechanism in y360 i couldn't do so but because y360 is taking its last breath it was very important for me to transfer this blog and after a lot of hard work i found this great tool called "Y360 to word press" but after using it i realized i was expecting too much,it was not an easy task as it didn't worked the way it promised firstly i had to remove all videos and polls even after that it was giving error while converting so i had to start from the last entry and by taking 5 or 10 entries at a time i had to convert them in xml format and then upload it to wordpress then the most difficult task delete the entries thaat have been successfully transfered you might be thinking what's the difficulty in that well friends its y360 and not wordpress-- 1 you can not select multiple entries and delete them you have to delete 1 at a time, 2 big time cache problem so when you delete entries and return to last page you might actually end up at an enty that you have allready deleted just refresh the page 2-3 times...

And after 2-3 days of hardwork i finally managed to transfer and delete all the entries... and am really happy because wordpress rocks!!! and now i can express myself in a much better way.

PS:- 1 major drawback of this tool is the image at the bottom of title and before the content doesn't gets transferred.


  1. Hi Vaibhav,

    I have been trying to find a way to move my Y360 blog to Wordpress since last October 07 to no avail. I just came across your post and downloaded the tool to try.

    I have been cutting and pasting posts on and off for months now so cutting and pasting the pictures below the title and above the blog will be ok to me.

    Just wanted to know if you recommend me using it on my blog since I see your Wordpress blog is on your own domain. Mine is hosted by Wordpress.

    Thanks for you time and thanks for sharing the tool link.

  2. well i'll definately reccomend you to use it on your wordpress just download but carefully read the read me file plus myu blog entry.. i think its better if u let go those images below title coz it'll become more difficult to first transfr entries than download each pic and edit every wordpress entry and then deleting the post from y360.
    remember start from end convert 5-10 entries at a time n ya it takes time so dont ply with the tools window dont worry its wroking it gives error if there's some problem with some entry otherwose it gioves task complete then go to manage in your wordpress n in import field choose wordpress aand upload file that is created in the installation folder of the tool.. normally c://pogram files/360towordpress with the name final.xml transfer and delete all the entries that have been transfered...