Monday, July 14, 2008

Three letters IIT sometimes makes a lot of diff...

This article is a result of a chat i had with Amit Aggarwal an ex IITian who is the creator of 'mnemonic dictionary'

Everyday you read in newspapers that "Someone from IIT (or IIM) rejected big placement offer to do abc"

Some IITians are now authors of top selling novels {Chetan bhagat,Tushar raheja},many have started their own business,Some are rolling out projects like 'mnemonic dictionary' and 'vakow' and strangely some like Kaushalendra have even opted to sell vegetables.

They are rejecting huge pay packages to start with something that may not be very promising but 'IIT this three letter tag can easily get you media attention even if you haven't started anything great and once you are able attract media half of the work is done soon you'll get people who are ready to invest in your dreams.

But does that mean only IIT and IIM students think this way ? Well I won't agree to that, students in other institutions are also very creative and are full of ideas but they are not that lucky, i won't say that they don't get oppurtunity but they are actually blindfolded and they don't see it and this is because the environment in most of the institutions is not compititive. Copying assignments and getting projects made from shops is very common and these institutions are least bothered because they know nomatter what happens their seats will get filled every year.

But if you are determined to do something then no one can stop you...
These days you also find students from other institutions creating wonders but that percentage is still very low.

One major reason why students are not able to turn their dreams into reality is the risk involved, For IITians its easy to kick off jobs and start with something and even if they fail they can go back and take up jobs in any IT company but for others campus placements matters a lot because once you are out of campus it gets too difficult to find a job.

Where there's a will, there's a way! if you have passion for something than get up and get going because now is the time to turn your dreams into reality...


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  1. Vaibhav,

    Good to see an article here based on our chat. I agree with you on media attention point. People like reading such news and media job is to write what people loves to read.

    But I don't agree with your other point - "placements risk". If you are starting something of your own, it implies you have something in you. Even if you fail you'll, you will get a lot of experience while working on your own idea...and these if you are good enough and have experience getting jobs is not an issue.

  2. yes ur right vaibhav sir.. a stand does matter a lot in lyf, the moment students get into IIT, they get elevated to such a level and environment of competition which teaches them to be focused and to the point, also managing their tym n efforts.
    in a normal institution, everyday teachers give assignment(always copied).. this does cripples the chances to understand how exactly it is to be in outside world.
    also, IIT get loads of resources.. thts bcoz they do believe.. d best way to understand is to do it. they get more in hand experience n oppurtunities which boosts their moral and enthu.

    i wish i cud be an IITian.. then things wud have been diffrent fr me too... :))

  3. hey gere,
    never knew u cud write such a good article....wat u mention here is actually the reality...nd lemme me tell u..its not just in India...but all over the more of these articles...

  4. this is absolutely true that IITians make the headlines. But the fact is -they get everything they need- the support from faculty, intelligent brain to contradict them, crowd to take interest in these things & above all the FINANCE to do it.... it's a tradition in INDIA ... & this is not going to change in near future .... IITians will still remain a class apart ... rejecting one job means getting another big job for them ;)

    And as far as normal students are concerned - LIFE is a bit tough for them.... but opportunities are there for the taking... it's just you have to put an extra effort that you did not put in your IIT-JEE Exam :)

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  7. Hii Gere
    Well composed article .. but i guess there is something more to it.. may be im deviating away from the topic .. but if u sit back and try to connote my points with the content in your topic .. we may get a solution to the problems faced by students from normal colleges. The golden keywords in your topic "if you are determined to do something then no one can stop you…" .. i feel students from normal colleges, if have the desire of executing something over-the-top, then they definitely have to struggle more than those having the tag of IIT's or IIM's. Recalling the time when we all were toiling hard to crack IIT-JEE and only some could make through. It wasnt an easy undertaking for those who could make it, infact it was their period of struggle, and even after qualifying, they have no comfort atleast for the next four years. So, if this is the amount one has to put in for achieving something then i dont think normal graduates should be scared of putting in strenous effort may be little later in Life, and not having the tag of IIT and IIM should be a matter of concern for them. I havent considered those who think its just a matter of misfortune that they have to constantly scramble for getting their desires fulfilled. Well for them, they got to be optimistic, else they'll land up cribbing entire life. Readers please dont feel offended because i am one of those who didnt make the correct use of opportunity but at the same time im not scared of struggling hard!!!