Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Chase

Sitting in my balcony on a bean bag with  purple and green chinese string lights covering the entire balcony like a roof over my head and while humming the song 🎶Mere Mehboob Qayamat hogi aaj ruswa tere darr se inayat hogi 🎶 i browse through my Facebook timeline and this ad from Urban Ladder showing different collection of furniture 🛋️ that in itself gives a particular look and feel to your home made me think about this chase.

The Chase we all are a part of, that wants us to keep running to earn more money💰.
The Chase to acquire all this stuff that we think will bring more comfort to our lives.
And even though you can afford it you think about another chase, the Chase to have a house 🏠 of our own where we'll keep all these modern designer stuff and will chill, enjoy and have a great life after office hours.

The truth is even if you fullfill one chase another one sucks you in. You have a house of your own and slowly you put some of this stuff inside it but then the journey to acquiring something is more pleasurable then actually enjoying it once acquired.

You stay away from your home to earn even more to acquire some more.

Sitting here in this moment for a change the chase is at pause and I am at peace ☮️. All thanks to the great head massage 😇 I just had and to top it off the 2 minute rain ⛈️ that changed the entire scenery around 🖼️.

Well the chase is never ending but thankfully some small l'il things can pause you and those moments give you the comfort that no chase will ever let you.

Only very few people actually realize the message behind these lines and stop before destroying their lives in this chase, unfortunately i don't have the will power to stop just here and while i enjoy this moment i'll have to end this post and get up and go back to the rat race coz neither i have that kind of bank 🏦 balance or the strength to stop.

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