Friday, April 18, 2014


This is not a blog post but saving the Goodbye Email that i sent to some people in my company.

The 4+ year long journey with HCL that started with HCL’s Japanese Business Program has now come to this email with the subject Sayonara! After all it started with Japanese, ending it with Japanese completes the circle.

I came here as a fresher with a blank mind, just with a lot of dreams!
HCL journey has been truly wonderful, Right from the first project Comv... where a fresher was given system engineer and was asked to design solutions, that very moment I thought it’s a cool company.
The work there and the learning gave my career the foundation it needed.
Aci.... Project was the turning point, a different kind of project that changed how things worked in IT. I am sure many of us miss this project and always wish for another such project to come our way.
Sym..... project although a completely different profile added to my learning in a completely different way, it gave me experience of handling Indian customers. :) 

I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best people, every single manager I have worked under has been a real support, have all guided me at every single step and most importantly I will call myself lucky that unlike many I have never had any moment when I had to curse someone in my mind or outside having tea :P . They all have trusted me with work and have allowed me to take decisions independently. This has been the greatest driving force for me which led to all the rewards and recognition.
I would like to thank all of my seniors who have always supported me, guided me and for all the good wishes that shaped my career.

Not just great colleagues but this organization has given me some amazing friends who will always remain a special part of my life.

It was a long journey and no amount of words can describe my true feelings, I would like to thank all of you from the core of my heart for playing an important part in this journey and I hope our path cross again!

I am not very good with this but here are a few lines that I wrote this morning while coming to work:

Kitab-e-Zindagi ke sunhere panno par
Likhte hain har din ek naya kissa..

Huyi thi Mulaqat ek Panne pe
Aaj is Panne par bichadna hoga..

Safar-e-zindagi ke kisi mod par
Fir Mulaqat hogi..

Ek Naya Panna hoga
Aur Ek Naya Kissa hoga…

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