Monday, February 10, 2014

Back from hills...

Don't know if it's the hills or basking in sun, may be the chilling winds or probably the sweet time with close friends but as this train passes through the dark woods away from the amazing backdrop of hills a part of me cries. Going back to the concrete jungle is terrifying, back to the same old monotonous office life. Looking outside i see a part of the day that i rarely get to see sitting in my office cubicle, the soothing evenings, the time when there's no sun in the sky but enough light to show the beautiful nature. Life in big cities passes away in traffic, my senses miss out on the fragrance of nature rather they are tortured with pollution and foul smells. Life is on full speed there but is that we it should be? Call me old but i just want to retire, retire in these hills, want to just sit back enjoy the nature, the sun, the breeze, the LIFE!!!

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