Tuesday, July 10, 2007

4lines that described my entire blog...

one of my old frinds and regular reader of this blog just mailed me lil something in gujrati after reading my recent entries....

it goes like this...

ખુશ નથી છતાં ખુશ રહેવુ પડે છે

કોઇ પુછે કેમ છે તો મજામા કહેવ પડે છે

દિલ મ થયા હજારો જખ્મો છતા હસતા રહેવુ પડે છે

જીન્દગી એક નાટક છે બરબાદ થઇ ને પન જીવવુ પડે છે

{Khush nathi chata Khush rehvu pade che
koi puche kem che to majama kehvu pade che
dil ma thaya hajaro jakhamo chata hasta rehvu pade che
Jindgi ek natak che barbaad thai ne pan jivavu pade che}


khush nahi hai fir bhi khush rehna padta hai

koi puche kaise hai, to bhi kehna padta hai maze me hain

dile me hue hai hazaro zakham fir bhi haste rehna padta hai

jivan ek natak hai fir bhi barbad hoke bhi jina padta hai

looks like she described my entire blog in just a few lines... nyways my fren thanks for the wonderful lines...


  1. ur welocme :)
    i read it today morning only. it was a feed from someone's else blog right??
    i just thought to translate it..so that u will understand it better

  2. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!